A Guide to Good Living – A Creed to Live By

Tolerance and Respect


“Don’t judge others (as you haven’t stood in their shoes)

treat everyone with respect (and especially their right to hold certain beliefs)


listen hard and speak less (why we were born with two ears and one mouth)
practice wellness and well-being
play with abandon
don’t take life too seriously (fall in love with yourself and ensure a life-long romance)
laugh (often and especially at yourself)
choose your life path with no regrets
continue to learn (we’re never too old along life’s amazing journey)
appreciate your friends and especially family
do what you love (then you’ll never have to do a day’s work in your life)
and that will ensure success
live generously (not with you don’t have , but with what you DO have) in an attitude, a spirit of gratitude
live with intention and faith
(be bold and unseen forces come to one’s aid)
walk to…

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