THE WAY: Sharing a Quick Thought on God and Faith

Together...Let's Break (Tear) Down Walls (Barriers) and Build Bridges of Understanding

Just thought (“impulsively”…as usual) to include in my new book I’m writing In The Zone and Beyond


This is my favourite and sums up my message, my life…in trying, striving in some small way, to break down barriers between people.

“I had a good chance to meet a yogi who was so spiritual and happy all the time. I wondered how he managed his thinking and I learned a lot from him. I saw him and I thought, ‘This is the way.’ You believe in a God, but not in a religious way. We human beings like to give him names, whether that is Jesus

or whatever else. But my view is that God is ONE, whether it is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, almost anything, and that he is everywhere. He (or she) has (no gender), colour, no religion, no race, nothing. It’s incredible how close he is…

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