The Economics of Peace in The Middle East (from ‘The New Middle East’ by Shimon Peres)

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“Together, one heart, one mind, one life, one small step at a time, let’s plant the seeds of hope for a better and brighter future… then together let’s walk towards it.”


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Peace  is the greatest weapon for development, that any people can have.”
– Nelson Mandela


“We can begin today by taking the first steps across the bridge of mutual co-operation and understanding among Middle East peoples. The journey ahead will be long, but the way is open. We need brave travellers.”



“Saeb, negotiation in pain and frustration for five years is cheaper than exchanging bullets for five minutes.”

“My goal in life is to serve my people.”

You are as great as the cause you serve, and as young as your dreams.”.

RIP , Shimon Peres



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