Causes of Terrorism

Is It Possible to Defeat Terrorism?: HOW to (as far as possible) combat the scourge of terrorism world-wide

Mandela  education

You first have to understand the mind of “the enemy”.

So first look at the causes, the source, then you can find solutions

People are drawn to terrorism by

* radical ideologies of hate

* ignorance

* a lack of education

* a lack of direction (and feeling of belonging in their lives – ie. a sense of alienation from society

These are human issues, mixed together with radical/extremist ideology (ideologies)

A highly volatile/incendiary cocktail mix!

So the solution (multi-pronged) starts with EDUCATION

“Education is`the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.’

– Nelson Mandela



And each ONE of this can make a difference in this

“Together, one mind, one life , one heart, one small step at a time, let’s plant the seeds of a better and brighter tomorrow.”

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