“We can begin t…

The Pursuit of a More Peaceful Middle East...and so a more peaceful and better World

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“We can begin today by taking the first steps across the bridge of mutual co-operation and understanding among Middle East peoples. The journey ahead will be long, but the way is open. We need brave travellers.”
– Shimon Peres, former Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs

from https://peacepursuit.wordpress.com/category/the-new-middle-east-by-shimon-peires/

The words of Shimon Peres* (in 1993!) Sadly, things have got a lot worse in the Middle East since those “hope filled” days of 1993. The dream was not fulfilled, the vision had not become a reality… because there was not the moral WILL by all parties!  



Magnificent East Coast sunrise by Ngaio Keelan in the “scenic and tranquil little haven” that is New Zealand (or ‘Godzone’, as it is often affectionately known)


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